The iPad Mini Fan Club

What is it about the iPad Mini?

Sure, it’s wonderfully palm-able, but so is your iPhone.

Sure, it’s a sexy sheet of glass, but so is your iPad Pro 12.9”.

Sure, it’s armed with processing power a bajillion times more powerful than the computers used to put a man on the moon, but so is your IoT Fridge.

Well, if you’re one of us, you won’t need to be convinced that the iPad Mini is the greatest tech gadget of all time. You will feel it in your bones.

But here’s a few gushing dot points to remind you of what you already know.

  • The Best iPad is the One You Have On You — the iPad Mini strikes the perfect balance between power and portability. Super light. Throw it in your EDC Bag and forget it’s there; until you need to bash out some work and whip it out to be the coolest most productive cool-guy in the cafe.

  • Media on the Go — Small screen doesn’t mean less keen. Combined with the cellular connection, the iPad Mini provides entertainment on the go for kids and adults alike.

  • Note This — when Apple added the Apple Pencil to the iPad Mini 5, it created the incontrovertible note-taking ruler. Then when they added the Apple Pencil 2 to the iPad Mini 6 - with the magnetic charging - everyone said ‘how shit was that old note-taking plebeth, this thing is the unquestionable note-taking monarch’.

  • The Most Fun You Can Have With One Hand — the iPad Mini 6 is just 297g. Clearly a one handed device. Throw on some sort of Popsocket or loop addition and it’s beautiful connected screen that operates as an extension of yourself.

This newsletter is for people drawn to threads with titles like ‘can the iPad replace my laptop?’ and ‘can I take only my iPad on my [holiday / business trip / backpacking adventure]’ and ‘what’s a computer?’. It’s for people

Here’s what you can expect from IMFC —

  1. Guides: In order to embrace the iPad Mini lifestyle, you will need to find a lot of workarounds to do things you might otherwise do easily. This will frustrate you. But then, once you find the solution you will beam with inner pride. Follow my adventures as I work through these workaround solutions and document guides on how to use the iPad as your primary computer.

  2. Product Reviews: I buy a lot of apps and accessories for my iPad Mini. And, frankly, I gotta lotta problems with these people, and now you’re gonna hear about ‘em.

  3. Workflows: There are some tasks for which using the iPad Mini is plainly the better option and this newsletter is the right place to celebrate them.

  4. Sillyness: None of this is to be taken too seriously. Watch as I pit the iPad Mini against other Apple and non-Apple devices and inevitably come to the conclusion that the iPad Mini rules and all other devices drool.

This is intended to be a fun side-project. I hope you will subscribe and follow along on my quest to reduce all of my work, home, and life tasks to this sexy sheet of black glass.

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