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Welcome to iPad Only, for (crazy) people that use the iPad as their only computing device

Why Choose the iPad as Your Only Computer?

Sure, your iPhone is sleek and fits right in your pocket, and yes, your Mac may have more processing power. But if you’re like me, you understand that nothing quite matches the versatility and simplicity of an iPad as your primary computer device.

Here’s a few gushing dot points —

  • The Best Computer is the One You Have On You — the iPad strikes the perfect balance between power and portability. Super light. Throw it in your EDC Bag and forget it’s there; until you need to bash out some work and whip it out to be the coolest most productive cool-guy in the cafe.

  • Media on the Go — Smaller screen doesn’t mean less keen. Combined with the cellular connection, the iPad provides entertainment on the go for kids and adults alike.

  • Note This — With the introduction of the Apple Pencil, and later the magnetic charging Apple Pencil 2, the iPad became the ultimate note-taking device.

  • The Most Fun You Can Have With One Hand — the iPad Mini 6 is just 297g — an effortless one-handed device. But even the bigger models can be easily handled with one hand when equipped with accessories like Popsockets or loops. This versatility allows your iPad become a seamless extension of you, providing a connected experience that’s natural and convenient.

A Word of Caution

Ok. Real talk: Using the iPad for absolutely everything can lead to unnecessary spending and a maze of workarounds.

But if you’ve come this far, chances are you’re already tempted.

Each time you sink into your couch with iPad in hand, you can’t help but think, “This is just such a delight to use.” and then, inevitably, “Why can’t I use this for everything?

I get it, my friend. It’s perfectly fine. You’re one of us.

Who’s This For and What to Expect

This newsletter is for people drawn to threads with titles like ‘can the iPad replace my laptop?’ and ‘can I take only my iPad on my [holiday / business trip / backpacking adventure]’ and ‘what’s a computer?’.

Here’s what you can expect from iPad Only —

  1. Guides: Transitioning to an iPad as your primary device can be challenging, but immensely rewarding. We’ll guide you through the journey with tips, tricks, and advice on optimising your iPad experience.

  2. Product Reviews: I buy a lot of apps and accessories for my iPad. And, frankly, I gotta lotta problems with these people, and now you’re gonna hear about ‘em.

  3. Workflows: Discover workflows where the iPad excels; turning everyday tasks into enjoyable experiences.

  4. Sillyness: None of this is to be taken too seriously. Watch as I pit the iPad against other Apple and non-Apple devices and inevitably come to the conclusion that the iPad (and in particular the iPad Mini) rules and all other devices drool.

This is intended to be a fun side-project.

I hope you will subscribe and follow along on my quest to reduce all of my work, home, and life tasks to this sexy sheet of black glass.

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